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On the go

Click here to sign up for Pfalzwerke charge online.

You can also register directly via our Pfalzwerke charge app. To do so, simply select a charging station, tap on a charging point and select “Start charging”. You can now register for our tariff under “Register and benefit”. Alternatively, select “Profile” > “Start charging” in the app and register.

Download app for Android

Download  app for iOS

You can use the following charging cards/apps at our charging stations:

  • ACE charging card POWER ME
  • ACV charging card
  • ADAC e-Charge
  • BayWa AG
  • BMW Charging Active
  • BMW Charging Flex
  • Bologna
  • chargecloud GmbH
  • Charge My EV
  • Charge&Fuel
  • ChargeMap Pass
  • ChargePoint
  • Digital Charging Solutions GmbH
  • DKV Card +Charge
  • eCarUp AG (EMP)
  • eeMobility GmbH
  • EinfachStromLaden (energy costumer)
  • EinfachStromLaden
  • eins-E-Mobil
  • e-laden charging card / app
  • Elli Drive
  • EnBW mobility+ Standard-Tarif
  • EnBW mobility+ Viellader-Tarif
  • Energie AG charging card
  • e-tron Charging Service city
  • e-tron Charging Service transit
  • Evway App
  • EWE Go Mobility Card
  • Green Motion SA
  • GreenFlux
  • gmbh
  • Hyundai charging card
  • intercharge direct
  • KiaCharge
  • LeasePlan
  • LINZ AG charging card
  • Mercedes me Charge
  • MINI Charging Active
  • MINI Charging Flex
  • MOVE
  • Naturstrom charging card
  • Nissan Charge (app)
  • Pfalzwerke öko e-mobil Drive
  • Plug'n Roll charging card / app
  • Plugsurfing charging / app
  • Plugsurfing Plus
  • Porsche Charging Service
  • Post Company Cars AG
  • Repower AG
  • RhönEnergie charging card (old)
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Shell Recharge charging card/app
  • swisscharge charging card
  • Trafineo GmbH & Co. KG
  • Virta charging card
  • We Charge Free
  • We Charge Go
  • We Charge Plus
  • Yello Autostrom Mobile

You have the option of charging at Pfalzwerke charging stations on a pay-as-you-go basis without a customer account. To do so, scan the QR code at your preferred charging point and enter your credit card details as a one-off payment for the charging process. If you don’t have a customer account, you can charge at Pfalzwerke charging stations for 51 cents/kWh (AC) or 69 cents/kWh (DC).

Alternatively, you can select the charging point in our Pfalzwerke charge app and proceed without registering by entering your credit card details under the “Charge without registering” option.

Download app for Android

Download app for iOS

You can log in to your personal Pfalzwerke customer portal here.

Simply order your new charging card and RFID key fob when you register. There is a one-off charge of €15.00 for this, which will be credited to your Pfalzwerke charge customer account.

You can also order an RFID card later on via your user account.

With our Pfalzwerke öko e-mobil Drive tariff, you can charge at all Pfalzwerke charging stations without a fixed contract period; it's simple, fair and based on actual consumption in kilowatt hours. Plus, you can charge at all charging stations in the Europe-wide Hubject eRoaming network. You pay 28 cents (alternating current) or 38 cents (direct current) for one kilowatt hour at all Pfalzwerke charging stations. There is a flat monthly fee of €9.00 which is debited from your

customer account. At all other charging stations, the roaming price of the respective provider applies.

Your customer account is linked to your credit card when you register. As soon as your customer account has less than €10.00, it is automatically topped up with €20.00.

The app lets you find available charging stations and view the prices of all charging stations in the Europe-wide Hubject eRoaming network. You can also use the app to start charging sessions at charging stations and to view your charging history, energy consumption and charging costs.

Yes, these features are also available to you online in your personal customer portal.

    • with your charging card or key fob
    • online via your Pfalzwerke charge customer account
    • with the Pfalzwerke charge app

1. With a charging card:

a. Plug in the charging cable (at some charging stations, you will need to complete an authentication process first)
b. Authenticate and start the charging session
c. Charge
d. End the charging session

2. Via the Pfalzwerke charge app:

a. Authenticate and plug in the charging cable
b. Charging session automatically starts
c. Charge
d. End the charging session

You can find all available charging stations via our Pfalzwerke charge app.

Download app for Android

Download app for iOS

All charging stations can be seen online here. You can also see which charging stations are available in your personal Pfalzwerke charge customer portal.

All Pfalzwerke charging stations have at least two charging points. This means that two vehicles can charge at a charging station at the same time. It is only when all charging points at a station are occupied that charging is not possible at that particular time.

A special feature of our network is the ABB Terra 54 rapid charging station, also known as a triple charger. These stations have three cables with different plug connections (CHAdeMO, CCS, Type2). Either the CHAdeMO or the CCS plug connection can be used. These two DC plug connections cannot be used at the same time. The Type 2 plug connection can be used independently. This means that one vehicle can always be charged with direct current and another with alternating current.

Our charging stations can be divided into three categories:

a.  At normal charging stations, you can charge up to 22 kW alternating current (AC) with your own Type 2 charging cable, depending on the type of vehicle.

b. At rapid charging stations (at the triple chargers), you can charge up to 43 kW using alternating current (AC), depending on the type of vehicle. The necessary Type 2 cable for this is installed at the charging station. Direct current (DC) charging capacities of 50 kW, 60 kW or even 120 kW are currently possible (when only one charging point is occupied).

c.  At our hyperchargers, charging capacities of up to 150 kW per charging point are currently possible, and we are planning to expand this to 300 kW at selected stations.

Depending on the type of vehicle, charging capacities of up to 22 kW alternating current (AC) are possible at normal charging stations using a Type 2 plug. Users need to have their own charging cable with them to use these points.

At several rapid charging stations you can also charge alternating current (AC) up to 43 kW, depending on the vehicle. The necessary Type 2 cable for this is installed at rapid charging stations.

Direct current (DC) charging capacities of up to 150 kW are also possible. CCS and CHAdeMO type charging cables are installed at rapid charging stations.

The electricity for Pfalzwerke charging stations comes exclusively from TÜV-certified hydroelectric power plants in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland.

The green electricity label “Pfalzwerke Purstrom” guarantees this. This is awarded by TÜV Rheinland and certifies that the power generation plants are regularly monitored.

Every kilowatt hour consumed is invested in the expansion of renewable energy production, environmental protection measures and projects to support the energy transition taking place in the Pfalz region and the Saarpfalz district.

There are over 150 pedelec charging stations throughout the Pfalz region where you can charge your ebike.

You can find these charging stations on our cycling map, which you can either  download as a PDF  or order by email at  radwanderkarte(at)

You must cancel the charging service in writing. Simply send an email with your first and last name to elektromobil(at)
The notice period is 2 weeks before month-end. Your remaining credit will be refunded to you at the end of the contract.