How to charge your electric vehicle

at Pfalzwerke charging stations

1. Check whether you are at a rapid or normal charging station

  1. Rapid charging stations provide charging cables. Plug the appropriate charging cable into the charging socket of your e-vehicle.
  2. Normal charging stations don’t provide charging cables. Take out your own cable from your vehicle and plug it into the vehicle’s socket and into the socket of the charging station. Please note: Some charging stations will require you to complete an authentication process first (see 2. Authentication and starting the charging session) before you can connect the charging cable to the charging station and your vehicle.

2. Authentication and starting the charging session

2.1 As a Pfalzwerke charge customer

When the charging cable is connected, you can start the charging session.

  1. Hold your charging card or key fob against the charging station’s RFID reader and, if needed, confirm the start of the charging session. Billing: You will have provided your credit card details when registering. As soon as your customer account has less than 10.00 euros, it will automatically be topped up with 20.00 euros from your credit card. The cost of charging will be deducted from your credit balance.
  2. If using our Pfalzwerke charge app, select the charging station and charging point and start the charging session within the app. You will need to log in beforehand using your login details. Billing: The payment method is the same as for authentication via charging card or key fob.

2.2 With a third party EV energy contract

When the charging cable is connected, you can start the session by activating the charging point via your energy provider’s charging card or app.

Please check with your EV energy provider whether you can use your selected charging station as part of your energy contract.

2.3 Without an EV energy contract

If you don’t have an active EV energy contract, you can access our website using the QR code at your chosen charging point. You can then enter your credit card details on the website for a one-off transaction and start the charging session.

3. Charging

The charging status can be tracked in our mobile app, on our website and on the charging station screen subject to authentication.

4. Ending the charging session

First, unlock the car. Use the same method you used to start the charging session.

  1. Hold the charging card or key fob against the RFID reader of the charging station and confirm the end of the charging session if necessary.
  2. End the charging session in the app.
  3. End the charging session online via the website.

Unplug the charging cable from the charging socket of your vehicle. If you’ve used a normal charging station, unplug your cable from the charging station and return it to your vehicle. The charging session is now complete.

Have a safe journey!


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